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I am in a good mood with all the BYU news and more of it to come too! Let’s do something cool. I just had a convo with a multi year starter who is delivering groceries, driving Uber eats and donating plasma almost every day. He is asking for a hundred or two hundred extra bucks a month. I want to surprise him with $800-$1,000 a month from now until December. This is a kid who has scored TDs for us, and blocked hard for others to do the same.

I know not everyone can give but if you can give $20-$250 dollars I’d love to make this kids day. He definitely deserves it and hasn’t got much NIL except from us. If you’re in a position to help let’s do something special for him. He will earn this by creating content for us and coming to events. It isn’t a handout. I don’t want to say who it is and embarrass him. But I’ll have him write an anonymous post talking about how it felt to be surprised by this NIL deal. If that is something you want to be a part of send us some money on Venmo and I’ll get 100% of it to him.

** as of now we have raised $1,195 for this player. Our goal is to get to $4,000. We will use subscriber funds to cover the rest each month. Looking forward to reaching our goal and surprising this player!

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