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Lessons from the WR room, Player Report by BYU WR Devin Downing

Spring Ball so far overall has been a big learning and growth process for me. It hasn’t been easy getting my body back in shape as I returned home from my mission, and it’s even more challenging to shake off the rust going against bigger faster stronger DBs who are very skilled. 

It’s been a process to also learn the playbook, but I feel like I’ve got it down pretty well so far. I’ve been watching lots of film and getting lots of mental reps so that when I get in I’m ready. The other fellow receivers have been super helpful to me, Tanner Holden, and Koa Eldridge as we get back in the swing of things and learn the offense.  It’s been super humbling these last few months and I’ve had to take a step back and evaluate some things I need to fix and work on but I know with time the little things will come back and I’ve felt like I’ve gotten better every week. Coach Fesi has been awesome and patient with us as we learn and develop, he’s always trying to help everyone do the little things right, a lot of implementing discipline and focus and that’s what makes this group special. 

I’ve loved being on the same field with my former high school teammates Chase Roberts, and Tanner Holden again. Chase has always been a good mentor for me and someone I can learn from, he’s always willing to help me get better during practice and after. 

I’ve really enjoyed becoming closer to the guys in the WR room they’re some real good dudes and super fun to be around. I’ve been impressed with the play making ability. Chase, Keanu, Talmage, Hobbs, and Dom have been some studs and I feel for the guys that have had some injuries that have kept them out, one of them being Parker he is a stud with great speed who went out early this spring with a broken finger and we’re excited to get Kody Epps back for the season too.

I really enjoyed playing in the spring game the other week, being in Lavell was a great feeling and being able to make a few catches made me feel like myself again and felt like I was in game-mode.

I’ve had to learn a lot this spring and be patient with myself and other things going on out of my control but I’m just super grateful to be here at BYU doing what I love at a school I love dearly and I’m super excited for the memories to come!

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