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BYU has been very lucky in the amazing talent they have gotten out of Weber State! Among that talent we have Coach Hill, Eddie Heckard, Nuuletau Sellesin, and now we are getting one of the hardest working O-Lineman to ever come out of Weber. Jake Eichorn is a powerhouse with a capital P. His heart and dedication to this game is so pure and because of that we will see him succeed and be a huge piece to cougar football!

Ever since he was a kid Jake’s dream school has been BYU. He has always wanted to be a cougar and play cougar football! So when the Cougs offered Jake a place on the team and the opportunity to continue his education he committed on the spot! Jake’s love for football started when he was young! In seventh grade he started playing tackle football and that’s when he became an O-lineman. Due to his height, size, athletic abilities and hard work his coaches put him in the trenches! Due to his hardworking and blue collar mentality he helped lead his high school team to win 2 state championships and a 26-0 record! Jake brought that mentality and hard working attitude to Weber State and that is exactly what he plans to do at BYU. “I aspire to be a hard-nose blue collar football player”.

Jake attributes a lot of his success to his community and family. He came from small beginnings and shows us that with hard work and determination you can come from anywhere and be great! Beaver Utah is the little town that helped build this blue collared athlete. Located about 45 mins north of cedar city and with its population under 3500 it is known for The Creamery, and small town football. He wouldn’t be where he is today without Beaver, Utah. He says he is excited to play for BYU and is coming in with his whole family and community on his shoulders and can’t wait to make them proud!

Not only is Jake an amazing football player but he is a determined student as well. He is a psychology major with the aspiration to become a family and marriage counselor as well as playing in the NFL! Jake is very much a people person. He loves working with people and learning more about how to help others. He is very excited to come to BYU to continue his education. I can see Jake being like Steve Young in the sense of working hard in the NFL and in getting his education. Don’t be too surprised when you see this young man succeeding not just on the field but in the classroom as well!

This coming fall you are going to be able to see Jake in action and you will notice that he will be one of the first O-linemen on the field before the pregame stretching. He is one who “ likes to feel the turf” wherever he is and gets into the best mindset he can be for the game ahead. He is going to give his all to BYU football and his message to Cougar Nation is “ I’m absolutely excited to be a cougar and to be a part of the great culture here at BYU. I also can’t wait to compete!

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