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There was a player who was asking for a few hundred extra bucks a month. I knew he was working odd jobs to make ends meet. I asked our subscribers and a few friends to pitch in and raise some funds so we could get him $1,000 a month in NIL. It took a few days but we were able to reach our goal. I reached out to this player yesterday and asked him if we could offer him an NIL deal that will pay him $1,000 a month. He could tell by my tone he was serious. I thought he was going to cry. Instead he was silent then said I’m so grateful and you’ve answered my prayers.

This is among the most rewarding moments I’ve had while running CougConnect. Here is what the player had to say to all of you helped pitch in to help him out.

“Words can’t describe how grateful I am for Coug Connect and ALL the subscribers. This is such a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders.

I don’t need to worry at all about scrambling for money and I can now focus on football so that I can play to the best of my ability. This is an answer to all my prayers. I’ve been so stressed about money for the last year and you subscribers have allowed me the freedom to train more to prepare for the season.

I don’t need to donate plasma to the point where I can’t lift my are and I don’t need to do uber eats until 2 am just to make ends meet. I seriously can’t put how im feeling into words. Im so grateful to everyone who has helped me out and I want to give a huge shout-out to Coug Connect for always looking out for me. They are a special group of people and I don’t know how ill ever repay them. Thank you all so much and go Cougars!”

I know of a few other players who are in similar circumstances. Your subscription money makes a difference and I try put it where it can do the most good. I try and get it to starters who have put in the time and maybe aren’t getting all the help they need or deserve. Help us spread the word about CougConnect and let’s get every loyal fan on as a subscriber. These are not hand outs. This players will create content, post about CougConnect or attend events to earn the money. Probably a combination of all three. Let’s do this again in a month or two and get a few more guys a deal like this!

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