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It has been all but one hundred percent confirmed from coaches that Jaren Hall will not be playing in the bowl game this Saturday. In fact Jaren has been seen in a walking boot (while also wearing the CougConnect Clark Barrington T-Shirt) in some pictures taken at the bow game activities this week.

This begs the question who will be quarterbacking for the cougars on Saturday as they face off against SMU? Perhaps the real question we should be asking is how many quarterbacks will we see in the game on Saturday. Media outlets have reported that Sol Jay Maiava took the first set of reps with the ones today at Quarterback in practice.

Cade Fennegan who has been coming off an injury had been reported healthy and to be getting work with the ones in the week leading up to the bowl game. This change in practice, and reports inside the CougConnect private DM groups, have lead us to believe that we will likely see both QBs take the field at sometime against the Mustangs on Saturday.

This adds even more intrigue into a game where the team is operating with a skeleton crew defensive staff and is with a short handed roster due to the transfer portal and injuries. The bowl game will determine if the cougars finish the year with a 8-5 or 7-6 record. But more telling than that may be the chance to get to see what the cougar quarterback room has to offer going forward.


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