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Available for a limited time

Support The Players On and Off The Field

Get ready, Cougar fans, because we’re about to drop a game-changer! Ever watched our athletes on the field and thought, “Gee, I’d love to rock that jersey”? Well, your dreams are about to become a reality! We’re rolling out a limited-time offer where you can snag the jersey of your favorite Cougar athlete. That’s right, over 40 football heroes to choose from, each jersey emblazoned with their name and number!

But wait, there’s more! You can choose your team colors too –  black,  white, or royal blue. It’s not just a jersey, it’s a statement, a way to wear your support and cheer on your favorite players. But remember, this is a limited edition run. Like a Hail Mary pass to beat Nebraska, it’s thrilling, but it won’t last forever. So, don’t wait for the final whistle, make your play now and score your favorite player’s jersey! Let’s turn the stands into a sea of Cougar pride!

Leisure = Stitched

Fan Replica = Printed