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From the Gridiron to the Sound Booth?

Football is not just about touchdowns and tackles. Sometimes, it’s about the rhythm, the beats, and the soulful lyrics. Rumor has it that BYU’s starting QB, Kedon Slovis, and Tight End, Carter Wheat, have been moonlighting as musicians. And we’ve got the tracks to prove it!

Behind-the-scenes sources have spilled the beans that when the BYU football team needs a breather from the intense drills and plays, some of them, including Kedon and Carter, like to break out the mixing board and lay down some tracks. The result? Two songs that have recently surfaced on SoundCloud: F.O.R and Sad Lover Boy.

Now, you might wonder, how can we be so sure that these tracks are the handiwork of our football stars? Here’s what we’ve pieced together:

    1. The Carter Connection: Carter Wheat isn’t new to the music scene. Last year, he teamed up with Malik Moore for the catchy ‘Rocking Royal’ song. So, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think he’s behind these new tracks.
    2. Cover Clues: A closer look at the cover images of these songs, and we’re almost certain we can spot Kedon and Carter. Can you?
    3. The Provo Connection: The mention of Blue Mountain Insurance, located right in the heart of Provo, is just another hint pointing towards our BYU stars.

While we’re still waiting for an official confirmation from the team (they’re probably too busy with football drills, right?), we can’t help but be excited about this musical revelation.

So, CougConnect community, it’s time to show some love! Head over to SoundCloud, give these tracks a listen, and let us know what you think. Are Kedon and Carter the next big thing in the music world? Only time will tell. But for now, let’s surprise them with our support and appreciation for their hidden talents!

Note: The above information is based on sources and clues, and we’re yet to receive an official confirmation from the team or the players involved.

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