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Eat dinner with a football player from your favorite team. The majority of these funds will go to the student-athletes who attend the event. You will also have a chance to meet and take pictures with the other players present. The cost of the sponsorship includes an 18” one topping pizza and 4 drinks for your group and the player to share.

If you’re a business owner and would like to sponsor this event or use this as an opportunity to reward your employees. After sponsoring this dinner we can get you an invoice for your tax records, it can be used as a write off as a business to business expense.

Other important info:

We recommend limiting the groups of sponsorships to 2-3 people per player being sponsored. An 18” one topping pizza typically feeds 4-6 people. These sponsoring opportunities will be limited to 30 sponsors, as to not overwhelm the staff and seating capacity at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria in Provo. This event is scheduled to run from 6:00-7:00 pm. One does not need to be subscriber at to participate in this event.

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