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Damian is a 2 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with a devastatingly fatal disease called Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency (ASMD), also referred to as Niemann-Pick Disease Types A & B (NPA & NPB). Damian’s case appears to be a mild form of Type A, the most severe form of the disease, which is characterized by an early onset (infancy) of progressive systemic manifestations such as:
·      an enlarged liver and spleen
·      loss of muscle tone
·      failure to thrive
·      rapid neurodegeneration (think baby Alzheimer’s) that leads to death typically by 3 years of age
Since Damian’s case is mild, he has a greater chance of living past 3 years old. However, any neurological damage that Damian incurs likely can’t be reversed, and if nothing is done to stop or slow the progression of his disease, he will likely die before his 5th birthday.

How you can join CougConnect and the players to help save Damian

  • 1 donate $125 or more to Damian’s GoFundMe
  • Upload a screen shot of your donation and fill out the other information on our google form
  • Arrive at our restaurant on Feb. 26th at your selected time. Restaurant address:
    • El MexSal
    • 325 S. Freedom BLVD
    • Provo UT 84601
  • Order a meal or entree to support our friends at Mexsal who let us use their restaurant
  • visit, get auto graphs and pictures with players who have rallied to get awareness and support for Damian
  • Share the cause on your social media. Post pictures with players to get more help for Damian (we need a large amount of support to reach the goals and save Damian)

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